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Transitions/Cultural differences

Philippines  A Prisoner in Paradise December 1, 2020 Being trapped in three Asian countries, mostly alone
Housebound in Antipolo April 1, 2020 Solitude during the Lockdown
Leaving the Volcano May 1, 2020 My move from Tagaytay after the Taal eruption
From Metro Manila to Cavite Province, Part 1 May 4, 2017 My move to Tagaytay
From Metro Manila to Cavite Province, Part 2 June 1, 2017 Adjusting to life in the province
Moving On, Part 6 October 31, 2013 My decision to retire in the Philippines
A Charmed Life January 3, 2013 One form of expat lifestyle
Becoming an Expat November 13, 2012 A civil engineer finds here what he could not find at home
The Last Big Move July 19, 2012 My 2007 move from Seoul to Quezon City, Metro Manila
The Great Flood, Part 1 October 11, 2009 Our experience of Typhoon Ondoy
The Great Flood, Part 2 October 19, 2009 What we lost and what we gained
The Great Flood, Part 3 October 22, 2010 A follow-up a year later
Philippines and Korea The Best of Three Worlds, Part 1 July 1, 2014 A Filipina on her life in the Philippines, in Korea, and in the US
The Best of Three Worlds, Part 2 July 4, 2014 A continuation of the story
Korea A Vision List August 4, 2016 The changes in a woman’s life before and after  moving to Korea
Silvia Wilson Moves to South Korea (A memorial post of “A Mainer Goes to South Korea”) March 28, 2014 and November 29, 2010 Finding employment and contentment in Korea


Return to Korea June 20, 2012 My feelings on a trip to Seoul



Military Linguists, Part 1 March 29, 2010 (interview in 1995) A serviceman fluent in Korean discuss his life in  Korea and his  wife’s life as a Korean orphan
Military Linguists, Part 2 April 5, 2010 (interview around 1995) Culture shock, language and cultural differences with his Korean girlfriend


Military Linguists, Part 3 April 12, 2010 (interview around 1995) Cultural differences—an American and a Korean in the US and ROK armies
An Irishman’s Culture Shock January 24, 2010 (interview in 1992) Personal and work experiences of a long-time resident


The Story of a Korean War Baby October 27, 2009 (interview in 1999) Life of a Korean and-African-American woman
Japan From Japan to North America, Reverse Culture Shock


October 31, 2016 Returning from three stints in Japan, totaling twelve years


Almost a Japanese Housewife May 11, 2012 An Australian on her life in Japan


China “Mafan” or Chinese Hassles February 27, 2012 Two bizarre, everyday happenings in China


On the Court in Xiamen, China November 27, 2011 (interviews in 1986) Two tall foreign students on playing basketball on university teams


Finding Contentment in Mainland China September 16, 2011 A Canadian on teaching English in China
An Englishman in the People’s Republic, Part 1 April 23, and 24, 2011 (interview in 1986) A foreign student on sex, sexual repression and lack of privacy in the PRC
An Englishman in the People’s Republic, Part 2 May 17, 2011 (interview in 1986) The student on food, drink and hashish


An Englishman in the People’s Republic, Part 3 May 24, 2011 (interview in 1986) The student’s experience with health care
Mother and Musician, Part 1 March 18, 2011 (interview in 1986) The mother of a white baby interacts with curious Chinese
At the Friendship Hotel August 28, 2010 (interview in 1986) Foreign ghetto life in Beijing in 1979-80
Elsewhere Moving On, Part 1 August 11, 2013 My life in the US and in Europe
Moving On, Part 2 August 24, 2013 My life in the US and in Europe
Toughing It Out, Part 2 July 23, 2013 Staying in Nepal after the theft of money and passport