Index by Topic: Religious and spiritual practice


Philippines A Very Inclusive Spirituality April 1, 2021 Reverend Tet, a person with eclectic spirituality that includes both Islam and Buddhism
A Monk from the Matayog Health and Wellness Center September 29, 2017 A “universal monk” with Hindu training on practice and behavior
  Synchronicity April 14, 2013 A Filipino on his practice  of Tibetan Buddhism and his trip to India
  The First Heal-Om Festival October 26, 2012 Photo essay of an event on healing, spirituality, natural products and disaster survival
  First 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat April 29, 2012 Me on the retreat and a comparison with temple stays in Korea
Korea The Korean Mountain Spirit April 27, 2013 The spirit  and its connection with spiritual/religious practices
  A Meditation Teacher’s Last Talk April 15, 2012 A Buddhist monk on meditation and finding one’s path in life
  Buddhism at a Cultural Intersection February 7, 2011 (interview in 1992) A Buddhist Center to teach foreigners about Korean Buddhism
  The Man behind “Spiritpower,” Part 1 December 10, 2010 A former Buddhist monk on the meditation process
  The Man behind “Spiritpower,” Part 2 December 18, 2010 A continuation of the interview
  An Apprentice Temple Painter December 6, 2009 (interview in 1992) How he learned his craft
  A Look at Korean Shamanism November 23, 2009 (interview in 1993) An anthropologist on Korean shamanism
China A Monk’s Tale—Reposted for Difficult Times November 1, 2020 Lessons from the spiritual life
A Monk’s Tale January 5, 2010 (interview in 1986) a Buddhist monk in Hong Kong on his ordination, life, and trip to the PRC
Japan Japanese-style Meditation Practice February 13, 2012 (interview in 2005) Meditation in Japan and outside San Francisco