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KMU Mobilizes for the Homeless May 1, 2020 Soup kitchen goes on the road to make deliveries
A Look at Drug Rehabs in the Philippines July 1, 2019 Traditional “therapeutic community” and 12-step rehabs
KMU Celebrates Six Years June 1, 2018 The anniversary of a Filipino soup kitchen
Filipino Volunteers Help the Disadvantaged March 29, 2016 At the Go Volunteer Expo
Benefit for a Filipino Musician August 5, 2015 Heart of Music, an NGO  for musicians needing medical care
Making Donations in Rural Zambales July 18, 2015 The soup kitchen man on donations to a remote elementary school and church
Puzzle Gourmet Store and Café, Serving a Special Need May 31, 2015 Employment and therapy for people with autism and Downs Syndrome
The Man behind the Soup Kitchen, Part 2 April 29, 2014 A mission to feed the poor
The Man behind the Soup Kitchen, Part 1 April 15, 2014 A mission to feed the poor
Among Filipino Mountain Tribes January 20, 2014 Theatrical exercises and native myths among tribes
Skateboarding in the Philippines January 6, 2014 Supporting skateboarding facilities for the poor
A Marine in Tacloban December 23, 2013 A US Marine on the relief effort after Typhon Yolanda
A Family Journey to Tacloban and Leyte November 27, 2013 After Yolanda, three family members check on relatives
At a Filipino Soup Kitchen July 3, 2012 A photo essay of shopping, cooking, waiting and distributing food
A Personal Crusade March 29, 2012 Feed the homeless and making donations to local schools


Becoming Useful March 2, 2014 A Korean-American neurosurgeon on training surgeons in developing countries