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Philippines and Elsewhere Expat Cats, Part 1, Korea August 1, 2020 Cats in Korean culture, life with my three cats, veterinarians, moving
Expat Cats, Part 2, Philippines September 1, 2020 Veterinary adventures, good life and death
How to Get Engaged in Bali and Married in Thailand August 4, 2019 Arranging these events beautifully. Quickly and cheaply
Filipino Squatters’ Tales, Part 1 December 6, 2012 Living with the threat of demolition.
Filipino Squatters’ Tales, Part 2 January 22, 2011 Another home, living conditions and fears
Filipino Food January 22, 2011 Iloilo with Filipino friends, plus a recipe
Korea In the Bathhouse November 12, 2011 (interview in 1989 Experiences of a young Englishwoman bathhouse
Korean Births, Deaths and Marriages September 24, 2010 (interview in 1997) Observations of a Catholic priest
Confucian Ways of Life and Death January 17, 2010 (interview in 1989) Deference and traditional funeral practices
China At a Village Wedding August 5, 2009 Traveling north and  observing the wedding