Among Filipino Mountain Tribes

I first met Bong Dela Torre through a mutual friend. After we happened to see each other again at a political event, we arranged this interview at my house. Thanks to Bong for his photos.

Bong’s story

My name is Edwin Dela Torre. I come from a theater background and used to be with the Philippine Educational Theater Association. For the past five to seven years I’ve been doing volunteer work with tribes in Mindanao, basically with the Bukidnon Daraghuyan tribe. The root word is bukid, which means “mountain.” Daraghuyan is the name of their sacred space, where the community … Read More

Skateboarding in the Philippines

This Canadian is helping to build a recreational outlet and group solidarity among the poor in the Philippines.

Todd’s story

I’ve been skateboarding on and off for over twenty years. When I was teaching English in Taiwan, I needed to leave the country to apply for a work visa. A high school friend was filming skateboard spots in Las Piñas, so I came to the Philippines, stayed with him and his family and did some video footage of skateboarding spots. It was such a wild week that for the first time I realized my partying was just too much. So … Read More