Twenty Years in and out of Korea

George is an old friend from Korea. We talked recently via Skype. He was in Seoul, and I was in Metro Manila.

George’s story

In Korea the business legal environment is much fairer to foreigners than it was in the past, when our attorneys used to be embarrassed. They were truly our advocates, but they’d have to say, “Yes, this person didn’t follow the contract and you are being harmed. But as a foreigner you probably won’t get a fair shot in the court system.” Often we just had to comply with whatever our business partner or supplier or service … Read More

Body Talk Access in the Philippines

In 2009, an alternative health care practitioner, Dorothy Friesen, came to the Philippines to teach a healing modality to communities that were suffering from illnesses caused by toxins and hazardous waste left by the US military.  Friesen’s technique was called Body Talk. I first learned of it last year when Liza and I were on our way back from a meditation retreat. Later the two of us spoke with Alan, who has been a practitioner of acupuncture and Filipino therapeutic massage for over twenty years. Now he does only Body Talk massage, which is more complicated than the Body Talk Read More