The First Heal-Om Festival

On Thursdays I meditate with David Montecillo and Claudine Mangasing at Sattva Space on Xavierville Avenue, Quezon City, a ten to fifteen minute walk from my house. David was trained in Tibetan Buddhist meditation. David and Claudine, both members of a healing group called Lily and Beyond, were organizers of the Heal-Om Festival United for a Higher Cause, which was held at Whitespace in Makati, Metro Manila, on October 14. I agreed to go and take pictures.

The banner at the top of the program reads: “Step into the future. Planet healed. People awakened. Life transformed.” When I arrived at … Read More

Becoming an Expat

As an adolescent, Ward wondered about some of the things he was told. He noticed most people didn’t decide what to believe, but rather the only decisions they made about their beliefs involved how to live with conflicting beliefs. Since as a young man he saw no one else wondering about this, he began to feel like a stranger in his family and community. That was the beginning of his observation of the human mind at work. These observations determined the course of his life. Ward began coming to the Philippines in 1983 to work on engineering projects.  He has Read More