The Last Big Move

In December, 2006, I taught my last class at Dongguk University in Seoul and retired from full-time teaching. I realized then that after my work visa ran out at the end of February, I would have three weeks to get out of the country. At that point I had two cats, an apartment full of stuff and some uncertainty about whether to try to find a part-time job or move out of the country. In the end I flew to Japan to pick up a tourist’s visa, which bought me an additional three months to do the thing properly.

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At a Filipino Soup Kitchen

He wants to remain anonymous, so on his Filipino Facebook pages he’s Mang Urot and on his English pages, James Braddock, in a previous post. (Link) His crusade has grown.

On June 23, I followed him and his friend around while they brought supplies at the Divisoria Market, cooked, set up the soup kitchen in a bank parking lot, fed the hungry and cleaned up afterwards. For this event more of his family and friends were involved. About sixty people waited two hours for a hot meal, most of them children. These are people who live on a … Read More