Shining up Your English for the Call Center

Suppose you live in the Philippines, which is now the call center capital of the world. A lot of sales calls are based here—selling town homes, condos, time shares, stocks and bonds. Customer support is done here. Wherever there are people, from Baguio to Cebu, a call center will be set up with 20,000-25,000 employees working.

You are a graduating from the University of the Philippines, and you have some computer skills. In addition to Tagalog and perhaps another Filipino language you have reasonably good English. You decide to look for a job in a call center, which pays better Read More

A Writer on Sexual Health, Part 2

Currently, divorce is unavailable in the Philippines, although rumor has it that if you have money an annulment can be arranged. A divorce law has been introduced in the legislature.

Ana’s story

Sex and Sensibilities incorporated this year. I want to promote sexual health and talk about solo parenting. I’ve been a solo mom for the last ten years after I left the father of my child. I was the assistant vice president of a bank. I think there were two of us in my department who left our marriages. I was very frustrated with the way people … Read More

A Writer on Sexual Health, Part 1

Ana’s story

I’m involved in sexual health advancement, especially for women in this country, and I do it in any form that it takes. A long time ago I started out as a sex columnist in a men’s magazine. It was just fun stuff. [For example, when and how to talk dirty to a potential partner.] Men would write in with the kind of question you’d expect, like “how big do you have to be to make a girl come?” But I had more people—mostly women—writing in with very serious questions, like where to get a prescription for a birth … Read More