Filipine Reproductive Health Bill, Part 2

Why the RH Bill is Bad: The Real Truth behind the Supposed Truth about the RH Bill

This commentary was first posted Posted in Filipino Freethinkers on 03 May 2011. (Link) It is reposted here with permission.

I first met Dustin in a creative writing class we took together at the University of the Philippines. I became an immediate fan of his satire, often done in the tradition of Jonathan Swift.

Dustin’s story

I used to support the RH Bill. I no longer do. By the end of this document, neither would you. I have not supported the

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Filipine Reproductive Health, Part 1

Red’s story

First of all, the Reproductive Health Bill three issues: reproductive health, responsible parenthood—a favorite phrase of President Benigno Aquino—and population and development. On a very fundamental level it’s about giving women the right to do what’s best for their own bodies and giving families the ability to choose how many children they’ll have. On a more social or macro level, it’s about how we as a country can regulate our population so it doesn’t become put a damper on the development plans we have. It’s also in line with the Philippine development goals of reducing maternal deaths or … Read More