An Englishman in the People’s Republic, Part 1

In 1986 I interviewed Tom, an English student of Chinese who had studied in Fudan University in Shanghai before coming to Fujian Province to Xiamen University. He also stayed in Taiwan for a while, which had the same customs and the same language as Xiamen and was even visible across the strait from us. Tom is a pleasant, out-going fellow–tall and thin and very British-looking.

Tom’s story

One of my favorite things is to go round chatting up girls in shops. Some of the girls are very open. In Hong Kong and Taiwan they’ll tease you, and that’s great. Once … Read More

A Question of Trust in Japan

Before and after his time in Japan, Mike worked as a computer programmer and systems programmer. He was a consultant and an executive in charge of technology worldwide, traveling all over the United States, Europe and Asia and Latin America. He’s also owned his own businesses. He now lives in the Philippines.

Mike’s story

I first came to Asia as a soldier in Vietnam. Later I became a systems programmer, writing operating systems as a consultant and moving wherever there was a contract. Eventually I developed and sold my own programs. My biggest customer was a Japanese company, and I … Read More