Filipino Food

Eating in Iloilo

In mid-January, some friends and I set out for Iloilo, which is well-known in the Philippines for its food. I’d been listening to them enthuse about this trip for months, but I’d thought they were exaggerating. They weren’t.

We spent several days eating. Joy Joy’s Seafoods Restaurant is out in the countryside surrounded by fish farms—right outside. Food comes no fresher than this. We had oysters, shrimp and red snapper. The body of the snapper was grilled, while the head was used in making sinigang. (A recipe for Fe’s sinigang appears below).

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From the Resident Anthropologist

My friend Frank Concilus came to Korea in 1966 as a teacher with the Peace Cops. He returned to the States and received a graduate degree in Asian Studies in 1970, then came back to Asia for two or three years’ practice in Asian languages. He stayed. He married a Korean woman, they had a child, and he took two jobs—one teaching English at a Korean university and one teaching anthropology and sociology at the branch of the University of Maryland on the U.S. Army post. (See his interview on Korean Shamanism at (Link)

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