A Photo Tour of Bulguk Temple

On January 11, I posted a photo essay of a winter walk up the Namsan, a mountain south of Kyongju. This post will be a tour of Bulguksa (Buddhist Land Temple) southeast of Kyongju, using photos I took during my many visits. We’ll start at the main gate and move slowly toward the back of the temple complex.

Bulguksa is the country’s number-one historic and cultural site and a masterpiece of Shilla (Silla) Dynasty art and architecture. The current temple was built from 751-774 on the site of a previous temple. This was under the direction of King Gyeongdeok’s Prime … Read More

American Wife, Korean Husband, Part 2

In the following interview we hear from a woman who had a difficult time with her mother in-law, a problem Valerie mentioned. In late 1988 when we did this interview, Shirley was a petite, dark-haired, vivacious woman in her early thirties. She had reached the end of her patience with her husband’s mother. It was difficult for me to avoid the conclusion, with both Shirley and Valerie that what they had found in Korea was a lot of hassles and a lot of heartache. 

I should add that many of my female Korean students have told me they would never Read More

American Wife, Korean Husband, Part 1

In 1960, when I was eighteen and my family was on its way to Germany, a well-meaning soul called me aside and told me that, while he expected I might be dating some Germans during the coming year, I should keep in mind the fact that in general they did not make very good husbands. About ten months later I briefly considered marriage to a German university student who wanted me to marry him, but I sensed that, just as his socialist activism had not prevented him from courting an American with Viennese waltzes and baskets of roses, it would Read More