How to Get Engaged in Bali and Married in Thailand

The first of the posts about Amy’s life, “Two American Teachers in China, Part 2,” is basically positive (Link); the second, “Escape from China,” deals with some disappointments after her return from vacation and particularly with her flight from the toxic air pollution (Link). Now the third details the happy events which followed. I’d like to add that on my four trips to Thailand I found many people and places extraordinarily friendly and helpful. There were those who were out to gouge tourists, but they were easily avoided. 

 Amy and I spoke over Skype Read More

A Teacher in Rural Thailand

Charlie identifies himself as a semi-retired writer, actor, and educator from Watsonville, California. We talked on Skype while he was in his beach house in Ban Na Jomtian, Chonburi, Thailand, and I was in the Philippines. Charlie also provided the pictures.

Charlie’s story

In 1994, I was hired to teach English in a language school in Seoul, South Korea.  While I was teaching there, I brought my daughter to Asia and we toured Korea and traveled to Thailand.  I fell in love with the Thai culture, the climate, the cost of living, and, most of all, the friendliness of the … Read More