Korea and the Reluctant Expat Male

Richard is an American writer from that faction of the men’s liberation movement which is informed by feminism and is critical of the restraints a patriarchal society imposes on men. In 1988-89 he was teaching in Seoul at an English language school which catered primarily to adult students, including a large number of businessmen. The school encouraged socializing between teachers and students after class. Their comments are typical.

Richard’s story

Recently I went out with some students for a drink, and one of the men said, “Maybe this question is too personal, but when you need a woman, where do … Read More

A Writer on Sexual Health, Part 1

Ana’s story

I’m involved in sexual health advancement, especially for women in this country, and I do it in any form that it takes. A long time ago I started out as a sex columnist in a men’s magazine. It was just fun stuff. [For example, when and how to talk dirty to a potential partner.] Men would write in with the kind of question you’d expect, like “how big do you have to be to make a girl come?” But I had more people—mostly women—writing in with very serious questions, like where to get a prescription for a birth … Read More

An Englishman in the People’s Republic, Part 1

In 1986 I interviewed Tom, an English student of Chinese who had studied in Fudan University in Shanghai before coming to Fujian Province to Xiamen University. He also stayed in Taiwan for a while, which had the same customs and the same language as Xiamen and was even visible across the strait from us. Tom is a pleasant, out-going fellow–tall and thin and very British-looking.

Tom’s story

One of my favorite things is to go round chatting up girls in shops. Some of the girls are very open. In Hong Kong and Taiwan they’ll tease you, and that’s great. Once … Read More