Moving On, Part 2

Carol’s story

Part one of the memoir deals with the years 1949 to 1960, while this part leads up to my first job in Asia in 1984.

In 1960 my dad took another leave of absence in order to teach for a year at the University of Tübingen in the southern part of West Germany. We went over on the MS Berlin, an old ship from the line Norddeutscher Lloyd line, dwarfed on the dock between the USS United States and the HMS Queen Mary—both passed us twice, once in each direction, on the eleven days it took the Berlin … Read More

Moving On, Part 1

Carol’s story

This is the first part of a memoir on living abroad and in the United States. It deals with my life from 1949 to 1960.

It all started in 1949 when I was seven and my brothers were five and two. My father had received a Fulbright fellowship to do research abroad, so my parents rented out the house, packed the five of us in their new Ford—which they had to sell in order to pay for our passage over—and drove to my grandparents’ farm in Upstate New York. In an attempt to shield her grandchildren from postwar … Read More