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A French Girl in the Merchant Marine October 1, 2018 Twelve years, from student to cadet to officer
Filipino Food January 22, 2011 Iloilo with Filipino friends, plus a recipe


Return to Korea June 20, 2012 My feelings on a trip to Seoul


In the Mongolian Grasslands December 10, 2011 Traveling in minority and off-limits areas
The Traveling Economist, Part 2 August 15, 2010 Traveling and talking to people under harsh conditions
The Traveling Economist, Part 1 August 7, 2010 Business, the black market and assorted thieving
The Second Journey into Tibet March 15, 2010 A long journey on the back of a truck with 23 Tibetans, following Alexandra David-Neel
In Xinjiang on the Old Silk Road September 28, 2009 Tensions between the Uighur population and the Han government


In Indonesia among the Damudani July 2, 2017 Encounters with a remote tribe in the highlands
Following the Plan through Southeast Asia, Part 1 May 1, 2015 Misadventures in Asia