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Religious or Spiritual Practices


A Very Inclusive Spirituality March 31, 2021 Reverend Tet, a person with eclectic spirituality that includes both Islam and Buddhism
A Monk from the Matayog Health and Wellness Center September 29, 2017 A “universal monk” with Hindu training on practice and behavior
Synchronicity April 14, 2013 A Filipino on his practice  of Tibetan Buddhism and his trip to India
The First Heal-Om Festival October 26, 2012 Photo essay of an event on healing, spirituality, natural products and disaster survival
First 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat April 28, 2012 Me on the retreat and a comparison with temple stays in Korea


Yoga, Meditation, Aikido and Stillness May 1, 2021
A Vision List August 4, 2016 The changes in a woman’s life before and after  moving to Korea
David Mason, Promoting Traditional Korean Culture March 17, 2015 Life and works
The Korean Mountain Spirit April 27, 2013 The spirit  and its connection with spiritual/religious practices
A Meditation Teacher’s Last Talk April 14, 2012 A Buddhist monk on meditation and finding one’s path in life
Buddhism at a Cultural Intersection February 7, 2011 A Buddhist Center to teach foreigners about Korean Buddhism
An Apprentice Temple Painter December 6, 2009 How he learned his craft
A Look at Korean Shamanism November 23, 2009 An anthropologist on Korean shamanism


Japanese-style Meditation Practice February 13, 2012 Meditation in Japan and outside San Francisco


A Monk’s Tale, Re-posted for Difficult Times November 1, 2020 Lessons from the spiritual life
A Monk’s Tale January 5, 2010 A Buddhist monk in Hong Kong on his ordination, life, and trip to the PRC