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Jireh Calo Graduates from Berklee March 1, 2018 Music school study and prospects for the future


Tago Jazz Cafe Gets a New Home November 1, 2019 Rebuilding from the ground up
Filipino Jazz and the Debonair District May 1, 2019 A band promoting Filipino jazz
Portrait of a Filipino Jazz Musician July 2, 2018 A keyboardist and harpist on music and life
Baihana’s First Album September 21, 2016 Mel Torre’s update on the group’s success
A Filipino Jazz Musician and Jazz Journalist September 8, 2015 Richie Quirino, author of the documentary Pinoy Jazz
Jireh Calo, a Filipina Musician on Her Way February 14, 2015 A student at the Berklee School of Music in Boston
A Filipina Vocal Group at Tago Jazz Café December 3, 2014 Baihana, as individuals and as a group
The Only Place for Jazz in the Philippines September 4, 2014 Jazz club owner on non-commercial jazz


A Filipina Jazz Singer in Japan, Manila and Hong Kong April 22, 2016 The singer on the yakuza, men bearing gifts and audiences


Mother and Musician, Part 2 March 26, 2011 Performing American folk music in China