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    Guidelines for Interviews

    I’m always looking for people with stories to tell. Most people like talking about their experience with an attentive listener and then later seeing it edited and ready for readers, if possible with their own photos as illustrations. I’m also happy to change names when that seems advisable.

    My approach is very simple. You know your story better than I do, so you’re in charge of the interview. Most likely my questions will be just asking for clarification or examples. The interview will probably take about an hour, either in person or over Skype. Afterwards I’ll go the very time-consuming process of transcribing the recording and editing it to about 2500 words. I’ll then send it to you for changes or corrections. I ask that you send it back within about a month. It will be posted about the first of the next month, or later if I have others waiting. Any changes after posting will be only corrections of minor errors, not rewrites.

    An author interview is different because we’ll do that after I’ve had a chance to read your book and make a list of questions. After the book’s publication please send me an email–so I’ll know to keep an eye out–and then your book, either as soft copy in MS Word or PDF format or as postage-paid hard copy. I’ll then contact you regarding an interview.

    Please also let me know of any friends who might be interested.