Memorial Post: A Memoirist of the Marcos Years, Part 3

In Part 1, Susan Quimpo, co-author of Subversive Lives, talks about her family as anti-Marcos activists during the period of martial law (Link). In Part 2 she describes the talks she gives to young people in the Philippines who don’t know that part of their nation’s history (Link). In Part 3, she describes her visit to the United States after the international version of the book was published in 2016 by Ohio University Press. She spoke primarily to members of the FilipinoAmerican community about the book and about what’s currently happening in the Read More

Memorial Post: Susan Quimpo and “Subversive Lives,” Part 1

At the end of August of 2021, I was very saddened to hear from   Sarita Chiu, daughter of Susan Quimpo (pronounced Kimpo), that Susan had died last summer of systemic scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease that affected her heart and lung. The Cultural Center of the Philippines is now preparing to honor her as one of the departed individuals who were part of their community. Susan is an author of Subversive Lives: a Family Memoir of the Marcos Year and a popular speaker on that topic, bringing history to people who are too young to

I’ve been very isolated since Read More

A Fun, Author-Friendly Project

I first met Christina Lay before the 2008 Abroad Writers workshops, when the two of us and our friend Marita rented a car to take us from the airport to a small town in the South of France. Christina had submitted some captivating, well-crafted stories. I was impressed. The instructor referred to them dismissively as what you find in The New Yorker or an MFA thesis. Marita and I were incredulous. Wasn’t that the quality of writing we were supposed to be aiming for?

Christina is now the author of five fantasy novels, two currently available on Amazon and a Read More

Encore post: Last Days in China, Part 2

In Part 1, Harriet described the xenophobic mood and the widespread discontent preceding the pro-democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square, then the glorious day of April 27, when she followed the demonstrators from Beijing Normal University from the school through the square and beyond.

Harriet’s Story

Sometime in the next few days, the officials had a dialogue on TV with the previously recognized student organizations [set up by university officials]. Some of the questions put by these student leaders were pretty lame, but some were to the point. The answers were rather patronizing, but they were at least talking. The activists … Read More